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Sometimes we just can't get round to changing a lightbulb never mind changing our lives ! 

I trained as a therapist in 2000 studying Integrative Psychotherapy and Addiction Psychology at Greenwich University in London. Since then I have practiced in clinics specialising in all kinds of addictive behaviours and mental health issues.  I have a particular interest in all aspects of relationships, from unravelling family dynamics, separation and bereavement and work with abuse - domestic and sexual, focussing on trauma resolution, anxiety and depression.


My ethos is in sharing my extensive knowledge and expertise with others whether it is running workshops, delivering training and consultancy or as conference speaker. I also run a private counselling practice and work as a freelance therapist in addiction treatment facilities across the UK.


I specialise in all aspects of addictive behaviour and substance misuse and problematic behaviours such as gambling, work and eating disorders with an interest in sex and love addiction and codependency.


I also work with family units affected by domestic abuse focussing on changing behaviours and safety work. I work with both adult and child survivors of abuse and I have also worked extensively with  perpetrators of violence as a trained and accredited practitioner for both group and individual interventions.


You may have a specific area of your life you want to change or it may just be that you don't know what is wrong  but feel life isn't working out as you hoped and want to explore your potential. Whatever has brought you to contemplate counselling it is important to realise that change is a process and we go through several stages sometimes without realising this. My model of working meets clients where they are within the stages of change and supports and motivates continual progress until the new behaviours are integrated and maintained.

Therapy is best described as providing a safe place for people to express themselves and explore their inner and outer worlds. It helps to have someone who understands and can contain the feelings and emotions we encounter.

Counselling is confidential and works on developing a trusting relationship with another who is commited to helping facilitate change and who can go on the journey of exploration with you.

it truly is a fascinating experience - to realise ones own potential and growth and to heal from the experiences of the past. 


Although taking those initial steps into the workings of our behaviour and our thinking can feel a bit daunting the sense of empowerment, release and freedom we experience make all our hard work worthwhile. Peace of mind is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourself and we need to believe that we are worth it and it is acheivable.

Our dreams can truly become our reality.

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